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Stay close to your customers in social media

SocialOrganic social media is dead, right? Wrong. Random posts without a solid strategy aligned with your business goals have never been effective, but with organic reach at a historic low on most platforms, it’s even more important to align all your marketing efforts, including social. Just ask us how we increased follower growth by 3x and traffic conversions by 6x for one of our Fortune 100 Top 10 clients.

Our strength of digital markets experts use their relevant industry experience to make your brand more popular on different social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, etc. They have successfully met the needs of clients. Our services are designed in a way that you can clearly view that people are talking about you and offer you a better area, where you can get involved the best to increase brand awareness.

Our social media strategy and management packages include everything you need to start and maintain a social media presence for long-term benefits:

  • Social media audits & full-funnel strategy
  • Profile setup and administration
  • Platform-specific strategy and planning
  • Content curation, creation, and management
  • 24/7 community management
  • Advanced analytics to continuously optimize strategy

We develop an intimate understanding of your consumers and what their interests are through social media listening tools.


We work closely with brands to understand their objectives, build a compelling brand story and create customised solutions for various platforms.


We weave unforgettable brand stories to captivate existing and new customer for maximum reach and engagement.


We continuously track results of campaigns on various platforms. With these insights, we optimise campaigns in real-time for optimal performance.

How Hexiqon render the best social media marketing services?

social media auditWe create a social media campaign to highlight your business goals at the same time ensuring that those goals are realistic, measurable, specific and time-lined.


improve site conversion

Before implementing a social media campaign, we do not forget to conduct research on the adopted tactics of your competitors.


YouTube Channel Creation ManagementOur social media professionals use different social hubs such as YouTube, Facebook, Google+ & Twitter to promote your online business and let your brand gain more popularity.

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